About me

My name is Amelia, and I picked the name myself when I was 12.
There's been no turning back since then.

I am born and raised in Norway, but currently split my time between Norway and England. 

In Norway I'm finishing a BA in Translation and Intercultural Communication at UiA

In England I'm preparing for an MA at University of Hertfordshire, and trying to get my first book published. 

I've always got about 100 projects running, and some of them you can follow some of them here:

My personal pinterest
Here I pin pictures that inspire me. There is a board where you can follow character
inspiration for ongoing writing projects, writing tips and tricks and everything geek. 

Abigail and Ava's pinterest
The main characters from my first book, Abigail and Ava, are pinning everything that has
to do with LGBT campaigns, same-sex weddings, equality and awesome women. 

You can stalk my Twitter!
I don't write often, but when I do it's often about my writings, my illustrations or I might
even post a little poem every now and then. 

My webshop
I have a small webshop selling yoga supplies. Take a look if you're interested, only ships to Norway. 

I am the editor for a Norwegian magazine for students abroad.