Saturday, March 3, 2012


struc•ture noun, verb.
3.a complex system considered from the point of view of thewhole rather than of any single part
4.anything composed of parts arranged together in some way
5.the relationship or organization of the component parts of awork of art or literature
9.Sociology .
a.the system or complex of beliefs held by members of a social group.
b.the system of relations between the constituent groupsof a society.
10.the pattern of organization of a language as a whole or ofarrangements of linguistic units, as phonemes, morphemes or tagmemes, within larger units. give a structure, organization, or arrangement to; construct a systematic framework for.

I can often tell how separate events are linked together, just by hearing about them. If you ask me to help you declutter your life, your office or your hallway, I can make you a system so easy to follow it would make your eyes water. Grammar makes sense to me and first order logic is nothing at all.

People say to me "I could never fill my schedule with as much as you do. You must be very structured." I look around and try to take in my cluttered desk, the overflowing book cases, my six boxes of random yarn, my stack of dishes waiting to be carried down stairs to the kitchen. On my wall hangs a large calendar, peppered with deadlines, appointments and meetings. Yesterday I found two rhinestones and a feather in one of my school books. Today I spent hours on a cafe with a friend, learning how to crochet, time I probably should have spent writing essays. My life is chaotic, messy and cluttered, but I always get done what has to be done. How? I have no idea.

So when people tell me "I could never fill my schedule with as much as you do. You must be very structured,"  I look around at my beloved mess and answer "I guess I have to be." 

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