Friday, February 24, 2012


ho•mun•cu•lus noun, plural -li . artificially made dwarf, supposedly produced in a flask byan alchemist.
2.a fully formed, miniature human body believed, according to some medical theories of the 16th and 17th centuries, to be contained in the spermatozoon.
3.a diminutive human being.
4.the human fetus.

Sometimes, when I feel it's hard to see my problems in the right perspective, I just imagine a perfect replication of myself, who's only about 30 cm (one foot) tall. I imagine her going around in my life, doing the same things, having the same problems. It helps me put things into perspective and to see what are the important things. Seeing your life from the outside is easier if you replicate it in a doll house scale.

Secretly it also gives me an extreme feeling of superiority.After all, she's really tiny. If she tried to bite me, I could kick her across the room, and it wouldn't even mess up my hair. 

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