Sunday, February 19, 2012


hon·est adjective
1. honorable in principles, intentions, and actions.
2. showing uprightness and fairness
3. gained or obtained fairly
4. sincere; frank
5. genuine or unadulterated

This post was supposed to be about the word "Sparkle".

I've spent more than an hour trying to formulate this post, trying to communicate a string of reasoning behind a gift i made today. Sounds easy, right?

What I've learned while trying to write this is a very simple fact, that I should have recognized before; I have a huge problem sharing unimportant facts about myself with people. I don't know why, I have no problem sharing my thoughts and feelings in text, but somehow sharing small facts, that I feel would let people actually know something about me, freaks me out.Therefore, in the interest of not being held back by weird defects, here are 10 facts about me that are absolutely true, but completely useless.

1. I love owls. Yesterday I saw a colorful plush owl in a bookstore, and I teared up in pure cuteness-overload.
2. I don't drink coffee, and secretly worry this means I'll never really grow up.
3. I want to dress very smartly, but somehow always end up dressing like a confused art teacher.
4. I've seen all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls 5 times or more.
5. Sometimes I dream in just color, sounds and smells
6. I now consider deleting this post and just stop writing
7. I love hot air balloons, and dream of some day finding a pair of hot air balloon ear rings.
8. I'm never as relaxed and happy as I am in Prague.
9. The person I consider my best friend lives in the US, and I'm doing a horrible job keeping in touch.
10. I really like Brussels Sprouts.

So. Now you know.


  1. i'm the opposite - i can share facts about myself all day long and am a bit worried that i come off as a super-self absorbed person. oh well.

    i love love love fact 2 and 3. especially 3.

    and thank you so much for the hand sanitiser. ♡

  2. You are so very welcome ^^

    I suddenly realized that I don't share random details _at all_. That's probably why I talk soooo much about school-stuff and grammar ;-)

    Working on it!